Our last show is going to be Sunday 13th February in London at the Purple Turtle. The show is also 14+ so id won’t be a problem.

A sincere thank you to everyone and anyone who has helped us along the way, we couldn’t have done it without your help. A special thanks to (in no particular order); Alex and Ellen at Holy Roar, Jihad at Twelve Gauge, Gafas del Rigor Cassettes, Glaucoma Releases, Ryan at Shirts and Destroy, Sin Eater Illustration, Joe Schmidt, Gwenn No Heroes, Rolo Tomassi, Trash Talk, Last Witness, Hang the Bastard, Brutality Will Prevail, November Coming Fire, Santa Karla, Closure, the_Network, Maths, The Ergon Carousel, Crocus, Black Mass, Alaska, Sabertooth Zombie, Gold Kids, Lewd Acts, Brontide, Hammers, Jackals, Diet Pills, Antares, Lords, Sam Thredder, Jamie Frye, Nick Kinnish, Johnny Truant, Worms Feed, Oathbreaker, Lighthouse, Touche Amore, Pariso, Lavotchkin, Dean Robinson, Bacchus, Trenches and every single person who has ever given us the time of day to put us on a show, feed us or let us sleep/wash ourselves at your house. If there is anyone else I have missed out I am sorry.

We still have a discography tape being released by Gafas Del Rigor and Glaucoma that will be available at the last show with all of the leftover merch we have. Unfortunately there are no shirts left and we did not ever print the final sin eater design.

Thank You

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    Think I might have to go to this!
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    I am at this show without a shadow of a doubt. Also, think that’s a typo thanks to me, so thanks alot! I can’t wait for...
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    bummer i can’t really afford another flight to london.
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